Tuesday, 13 March 2012

  • How to use extrude feature in pro engineer/creo


    Extrude is the most basic way to create a part in pro/E or any other software.

    Lets now start from the very first step after opening the software.

    • Set the working directory;click the option below and select a folder where you want your designs to be saved.

    • Select [File] --> [New] from the menu bar. The dialog shown below will pop up.

    • Uncheck use default template option and pres ok,select units mmns/inlbs based on your requirement.

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    • Start up with this file to proceed with the tutorial-->
    •                                                                                                                 prt0033.prt.1

    • Select the extrude option from [insert]--->extrude as shown
    • Define the plane and the direction in which you want to extrude
    click on define

    Select the  plane (gets highlighted like in the pic );choose the direction (arrow mark in blue) and then press sketch

    • For this part you need to give some references (it'll ask automatically).Pro/E takes edges / axis as a reference.So just click on some edges / axis till it gets highlighted and press ok and tthen close.
    • Now you have to sketch a closed shape using the tool bar at the right ------------>

    (You can create a center line for getting symmetrical shapes)
    double click on the default value(weak) shown to give it a dimension(strong).

    • After drawing a 'closed' shape click on the tick mark------------------------>

    • No give a height to the protrusion and press

    You can also select the type of protrusion you want to make:
    like solid/hollow...../flip the direction/extrude cut/set thickness (last three consecutive options at the left in the abovediagram)

    *strong dimensions*-->having strong dimensions is advisable coz weak dimensions can change while adding more features.

    Now you are done with extrude  and this is what i got!!!
    Any problem please let me know!!!!

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    1. Hi there, nice post. This is an interesting and very informative topic. Thanks for sharing you thoughts on pro-e design jobs. Keep it up, looking forward to read another one in the future. Cheers!

      1. Hey!! Glad u like it!! U can find more at my start-up based website www.cadpros.org



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