Wednesday, 31 January 2018

  • The Mighty Blood Moon

    The Mighty Blood Moon 

    On a busy Saturday night, while most of them are busy with their city lives, i could still spot a few enthusiasts with their cams and telescopes to witness the red moon. For me it's also a rare occasion of being on my birthday. 

    It's sad to see no stars in the background, another less spoken result of urbanization. 

    The whole blood moon to super moon lasted for about an hour. Apparently the January 2018 lunar eclipse is the first ascending node eclipse of the lunar eclipse series sets from 2016–2020. It is also part of Saros cycle 124. (Source: Wikipedia)

    A short animation from the wiki page.

    Animation January 18 2018 lunar eclipse appearance.gif

    We'll, my 250mm lens could capture some fine images, although not so clear due to the weather conditions. Here's the set of images I managed to capture on my Canon 700D.

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