Saturday, 8 September 2018

  • Declined push-ups, dumbbells and my failed CAT preparation

    08 September 2018 - Raviteja Gullapalli

    I've received my mid-year review just a couple of days ago, I wasn't really happy about it. I realized that I've really adjusted to my work environment and didn't find it quite challenging. It's time I up-skill myself or at-least try to get out of my comfort zone. I've decided to fill out the CAT application form and start preparing for the same.

    Well, as on date, I'am exactly 50 days away from the D-Day (Nov-25 2018). And hence I thought it's a good time to make another blog post. Also I'll use this as my medium to make a strategy and a concrete study plan for CAT 2018. We hear improving efficiency, speed, agility quite often in corporate, it's the same strategy to ace CAT too.

    • Figure out and work on weak areas over weekdays. I've DI-LR as my weak area.
    • 1 hour short workout sessions every day for mental and physical strength.
    • Mock tests over the Weekend.
    • A 95+%, which means a min score of 150 out of 300 in mock tests. I end up getting 110-120 in mocks every time.
    • I missed being a competitive person, life was easy being an engineer at corporate. yep, as of now, I'm not into MBA. I'd like to spend some more time in a technical domain.
    (Edited in Jan 2019) Final result?

    Screwed up DI & LR on the day of exam despite of my preparation (sigh). 

    94.5% in Quant was the only good thing that has happened.

    What did I learn from this?

    Nothing much actually. CAT really needs a longer preparation time. 50 days balancing work and life and squeezing time for CAT preparation over weekends is not a joke. Also I get distracted from my studies way too easily. (Need to work on that)

    Peace. RT.


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