Tuesday, 12 January 2021

  • My #75hard journey that stopped at day#30

    12th January 2021 - Raviteja Gullapalli

    On a quiet but enthusiastic day, and with some motivation from a friend of mine, I started my day one of #75hard challenge (by Andy Friscilla). Here's what the challenge looks like.

    More than a fitness challenge, it's a challenge to the mind. 
    Downside to this is the lack of rest days, or whatever we consider as no-pain days. Also, the lack of clarity about diet that had to be followed.

    Here's how my routine looked like. 

    • Starting the day at 5AM with a book for few minutes. I usually read for around 25-30 minutes everyday.
    • A walk/ jog at the park later in the morning. Around 6 ish. For 45 minutes. For some reason if I miss this, I walk in the night, almost 2 hours after dinner.
    • Work from 7 to 5. It's an easier transition from workouts to work while in the wfh environment anyway.
    • After spending few hours leisurely, or for my hobbies after work, I do my second workout from 7-8 PM.

    How did it effect me?
    On the 26th day my ankles hurt, my knee started aching, muscle soreness is the new normal and there were days when I worked out at 12 in the night. (TIME MIS-MANAGEMENT) Food is considered an enemy now. Nothing really changed in terms of my physical appearance. Sure I did loose some weight, and some muscle. 🥵

    Also, I'm almost adapted to the challenge, there was this new energy and addiction towards finishing it.

    What happened on the #day30?
    It was my dad's birthday, where I had to eat a piece of cake. Cake and sugar were not a part of my diet, so that's how it ended. 

    Believe me, all the 30 days were real fun. I had learnt to be consistent while at it. Few things like reading, one gallon of water and two workouts shall stay because I really enjoy this routine. Diet restrictions, I did not like much. I will give in another try after my sister's birthday. Until then it's 'time for more cakes'. :P

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