Saturday, 4 April 2020

  • If you are a Data Science aspirant like me, here's something for you during the lock-down.

    The #COVID19 pandemic has already flipped our lifestyles from normal like never before. I’m no exception. A lot has changed in my daily routine, I'm still adjusting to the new 'work from home' environment. With a lot of house activities to manage and an erratic work schedule, it’s a mess. I still end up with considerable time for myself. Keeping aside, Netflix binge watching and unscheduled naps I've managed to look into some free online courses on Data Science and Statistics. Here are those I found useful, starting from scratch. If you are looking for a career in Data Science, you may find these interesting too. Like me, you can put this spare time in use, to up-skill yourself.

    Starting with the basics, 'the Data Science Math Skills' by Duke University on Coursera can be a refresher on Bayes theorem and elementary mathematics. If you are a Math person, you can finish this course in a day or two.

    Next, you can deep dive into the science of decisions - statistics, from the 'Statistics course' on Udacity In collaboration with San Jose State University. From creating spreadsheets to Chi-Squared tests, this program is slow paced and fun to learn.

    Prior to the Pandemic, I was struggling to make time for Data Science. My regular job profile as a CAE Analyst is nowhere close or related. I've managed to complete a few courses on Data Analysis, Data Visualisation, Machine Learning basics, TensorFlow v2.0 etc on Coursera. If you are looking for an all starter's kit, you'll have to check out the IBM Professional Certificate on Data Science course on Coursera. Beautifully structured and easy to finish. I'm at the Capstone project now, and will finish the certification in a couple of weeks. But it's pretty autonomous with pre-filled Jupyter notebooks and very minimum efforts required from you. If you are looking for something at intermediate level, the "Machine Learning Engineer" Nano degree in Udacity will be my best bet. They are running a 30% discount as of now in some parts of the World. That will keep you busy for a while.

    Having done these, you are now ready to solve major problems, even the pressing ones at the moment like COVID19, by using AI/ ML/ Data Science. Rest is up to you to figure out. I haven't reached that level yet. Have fun learning and stay safe. And, if you find any courses than the above mentioned, that helped you in your career progression to Data Science, do comment below.

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    1. That was one good and clear way to set path for Data science enthusiasts .


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