Thursday, 31 December 2020

  • 2020 - A lookback

    This one's a heartfelt post.
    2020 is the year I've faced it all and hence I'm writing it down. My first super long super emotional post.

    So scroll up. 2020 started a disaster, I lost a close family member. It took me not much time to bounce back though, thanks to my pgdba exam in February.

    But, I got waitlisted and failed in the race of securing a seat. Sigh, results were announced late in September, thanks to Corona. All my efforts in vain this time, confidence totally into the drain. Also, my anxiety levels multiplied x 100 times with the question "what now / next?"

    Parallely, Automotive industry collapsed. It's much predicted, yet, quite accelerated by Corona. But it will recover with time. All hopes on e-mobility and autonomous vehicles. Buy more cars people.

    But hey, I'm not complaining. Consider this an honest status update. To those who care, and to those who had my back all along. I'm okay. I'm just fine. I've lost several hours, days, weeks and months overthinking earlier in the Year, feling stuck. Almost a year went by with failed plans. Got hurt and also did hurt many in the process. Eventually, with a lot of support, I've learnt to not give a damn and move on.

    I cannot thank so many people enough for encouraging me into so many things. And also having my back all along. And bearing my pointless and endless arguements sometimes.

    Cooking lessons and experiments. Thanks to Corona and YouTube.

    Thanks Sumona for motivating me towards fitness, which is now a constant. Check out here blog here.

    Sanj for patiently reading my TL:DRs. 😛. You are a constant.

    Captain S for leaving some of her free spirit with me. May the force be with you.

    For those daily ab challenges, thank you Maneesha.

    Aditi For your art work. This one's adorable.

    And to my flatmates and neighbors for those crazy on-road adventures during lockdown.

    And to everyone else in this Universe.

    Loads of Love to all my family and friends for believing in me, picking up my calls at odd hours and lending their ears when I'm low and all alone. I wouldn't forget those moments.

    So, why such a long post?

    When you are not allright, do not pretend to be ok and do not shy away in expressing yourself, and in asking for help. You cannot move forward if you are stuck.

    I hope my only story of 2020 pushes you towards:
    -> Self care
    -> Fitness
    -> Staying strong mentally
    -> Being happy first

    Peace 💫 and looking forward for a better 2021 ahead.


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