Thursday, 21 May 2020

  • When I read 'The lonely city - Olivia Laing'

    21st May 2020 - Raviteja Gullapalli

    The lonely city - by Olivia Laing

    I was overwhelmed when I first read the summary of the book 'A lonely City' - Olivia Laing. Also the title, that I could easily connect with. Initially, I wasn't sure if I'd relate to the life of a woman in her mid thirties. I was wrong. In fact This book has less to do with her own life than the art work around her. 

    We interpret and relate our life to our surroundings one way or the other. The way Olivia relates her life to Hopper’s paintings is disturbing, and enthrallingly expressive. She puts it all in fabulous words demystifying and addressing loneliness. 

    Our experiences, surroundings and observations make us unique, be it personality, writing style or the art work. In fact this book made me more empathetic towards the writer. There's incisiveness in her thoughts, written beautifully, yet there's a gap. Somewhere while appreciating the art, she ignored writing much about herself with her lucid words.

    That said, please do give this book a read. You'd not be disappointed.

    Peace. RT.

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